Tilly introduced my husband and I to yoga. Her classes are wonderful as her passion and thoughts come across so well. In the lock down she continues to make sure all of us are catered for with her on line classes , fun , caring and professional Well done Tilly can’t wait till Monday.

Tim and Alysia

I was going through a stage where everyday I had an anxiety attack and lacked self belief, I was already training at Toogood but then Tillys classes were added to the time table. I didn’t think yoga would be my ‘thing’ but thought I would give it ago. I can honestly say since I started my anxiety attacks are next to none and I feel so much more relaxed. Don’t ask how but yoga is definitely my cure and Tilly’s approach is just amazing, if you struggle she’s there to help or show you an easier option. Would highly recommend Tilly’s classes to anyone who hasn’t tried yoga before or is looking for a bit of relaxation in their life.


I started with Tilly’s beginners yoga and loved it. She is a fab teacher and I love her teaching style.


Have tried yoga several times over the years, would never stick it out as I could never work out how I should be doing it properly. Someone shouting about dogs, cats and cows at me didn’t tell me where to put my feet, where to breathe or how to get from one stretch to the next. Tilly covers all of this and is so patient with beginners. Being able to attend at Toogoods which is ladies only gave me the confidence to try this again and I’m now really enjoying something I’ve wanted to do for years. Would thoroughly recommend x


“Since doing your classes I’ve had no bloating or pain with my Crohn’s Disease. Certainly helps relieving 💨💨😂” 


Had tried yoga a=on and off for years and never stuck at it, until I attended Tilly’s classes. Now, I practice yoga every week with Tilly.

Sharron Taylor
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