About Yoga With Tilly

Who am I?

I’m Tilly and I am a yoga instructor from Weston-super-Mare. I run classes in and around the area and have been for around two years now. I first started taking yoga seriously when I was advised to try it out during hospitalisation for anorexia nervosa – no medicine or clinical could have me feel more at home and more accepting of my self. Yoga has taught me to let go and embrace what is needed to evolve and love. I say I am a yoga teacher but I prefer to say I’m just Tilly and I provide students with the tools to embark on their own yoga journey, their own journey of acceptance, love and stability.

I teach, predominantly, Hatha yoga however I like to offer yin and a vinyasa flow for some classes too – depending on the mood!

Be prepared to enjoy my home made aromatherapy sprays and live music through practice.

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