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Whether on or off your mat, the practice of yoga allows the mind, body and spirit to unite. With yoga, anything is possible.

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About Yoga with Tilly

Founded in Weston-super-Mare in 2018 after yoga and pilates teacher training in Sydney, Australia for 18 months. The teacher training was to learn more about the practice of Yoga after supporting the recovery of an eating disorder and dealing with grief. Upon returning home from travelling, YWT initially ran yoga classes for friends and family, and whilst noticing how the classes were helping and being received by those who attended, it was soon clear that Yoga with Tilly would expand beyond friends and family.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy aims to address an individual in terms of mind, body and spirit and Yoga is a form of holistic therapy.

Other forms of holistic therapy include massage and Reiki (transfer of energy via touch or massage).

Price List

Full Body Swedish Massage

70 mins
Includes sound healing


Half Body Swedish Massage

40 mins
Includes sound healing



40 mins (£10 extra for sound healing +10 mins)


Facial Deluxe

60 mins- Temple Spa
Includes sound healing



Coming soon


Sound Healing

Solo // Double
60 mins

£40 // £70

Massage and Facial Package

60 mins
Includes sound healing


Private Tuition

60 min // 90 min (with sound healing)

£35 // £50

Spa Pamper Experience

For up to 10 people


Everyone deserves some pampering and self-care without the worry of cost or budgeting and that’s where Wellness Wednesday’s comes in. Every first Wednesday of the month, I am offering treatments at up to 50% off. Please contact me to book a Wellness Wednesday treatment.

Click here for information on Wellness Wednesday Sessions

TEMPLESPA Bespoke Spa Experience




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