Mercury in Retrograde January 2021

January 24th 2021 Hi all and Happy New Year! Let’s give you an update on what’s around the corner (that we can rely on) and share some positivity in these still very uncertain times. Firstly, how are you? How was your Chirstmas in 2020 and what’s been keeping you busy? I love hearing about allContinue reading “Mercury in Retrograde January 2021”

Mercury in Retrograde is Here

19th June 2020 OK, Yogis! I’ve been sprinkling some facts about Mercury in Retrograde over the past week, and giving you some tips on how it might affect us what we can do through this time. In a nutshell, Mercury, the ruling planet of communication and technology, appears to be moving in an opposite directionContinue reading “Mercury in Retrograde is Here”

A Huge Cloud of Hazey Chuckery and Cluster-Chuck Madness

Yep, that’s what this week has been like for many of us. I’m going to attempt to shed some light on the CHit that we’ve been feeling this week. Likely stating the obvious but hopefully touching on some points that you may have not considered but resonate with. I must add, if you see theContinue reading “A Huge Cloud of Hazey Chuckery and Cluster-Chuck Madness”

OM, My Blogness!

This is how I see it Wednesday 18th March, 2020 So, here I am at home – kind of self isolating in a way. Finding it hard to justify teaching with the risks involved, but the thought of not teaching breaks my heart (more than the bank). How can anyone send out the information onContinue reading “OM, My Blogness!”