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When I say ‘Urban’, you say ‘Yoga’ URBAN…URBAN!!! 3rd June 2020 Hey Yogis, So, I’ve finally worked out how to get the music working well with hearing my voice on Zoom! SO, URBAN YOGA is up for grabs!!! Fridays at 6pm, starting this week! Class is £6, but if you can’t pay right now – … Continue reading URBAN YOGA!!!

Super Moon in Scorpio

3rd May 2020 Tips to prepare for the Super Moon on Thursday. Aside from the CoronaCoaster of Emotions, many of us have been feeling somewhat ‘wobbly’ this week. Myself included. Now, it could be the fact that some women are PMS’ing in line with the cycle of the moon (raise your hand, ladies, if this … Continue reading Super Moon in Scorpio

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