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Bespoke Spa Experience

Bringing A Luxurious Spa Experience to You

If you’ve got a group of friends, family or work mates who you think would enjoy some well-deserved me time, self-care and luxury spa pampering and shopping then contact me to pencil in a date for your own lush spa session. I offer morning, afternoon, and evening experiences to suit you and your guests best. It’s super easy to host – I’ll send you the invite to forward to your guests – and you’ll get an exclusive host gift for hosting the event. 

Home Spa Experience

Whether you fancy a 1-2-1 facial therapy experience all to yourself, or you want to gather a group of friends to enjoy some pampering, nibbles and bubbly, you’ll learn how to create your own home-spa treatments with Temple Spa – plus there will be special offers available and a chance to treat yourself.


Created 21 years ago by Mark and Liz Woram to support others ‘soul health’ by looking and feeling healthy through skin care and wellness. Your skin health is not only your natural barrier and outer shell but the most important visible layer to other people and the world. TEMPLESPA aims for you to look the best for the age that you are. To look healthy, energised, less tired perhaps and with good “skin health”.

Host Gifts

We love our hosts and are always looking for new ways to
reward them for opening their homes or inviting us in to
connect with their social circles.

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