The New Year of 2022

OM-portant Update!!!

Allow me to share my gratitude with everyone for continuing classes with me and for trying out new ones too. Zumba and Aqua have been so much fun and I know many of you see me in a different light (lol). Thank you for your energy and commitment to your self (even if twerking is still terrifying for some of you! Muhaha!).

Anyhow, I have some OM-portant updates coming into play for the New Year.

YWT is ever evolving and, since the pandemic most specifically (and getting my degree), I have worked hard to accommodate everyone to make my classes as available as possible. The membership scheme seemed to have worked really well for the majority of you.

I am scrapping the Flexi-Cards and offering instead, PAYG Classes or Monthly DD Memberships.

YWT will be running more classes a week which means you will get a great variety to choose from and in different locations that have easy access to free parking.

Class Types are: Yin, Hatha, Zumba, Pilates, Prenatal, Cardioga (HIIT), Nidra and Sound Meditations.

Class Prices and Memberships

PAYG will still stand at £10 a class (in person) and £7.50 (zoom).

OM-line only Memberships

& Lockdown contingency

These memberships are available now, however if the UK enters into another national lockdown, any current memberships will be put on hold or transferred to online only.

The studio classes will be moved to online so the timetable does not change.

The changes will start from 3rd Jan 2022. Anyone with classes remaining on their Flexi-Cards can use them until they run out – alternatively if you’d like to use them as credit towards treatments or products please let me know.

I am hopeful that this format will work best for us long-term.

Thanking all of you again for attending classes & workshops, treatments and purchasing my products – it means the world.

If you have any questions – please send me a message HERE or leave a reply at the end of this page 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Nama-santa-Sleigh xxx

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