Yoga By Nature Day Retreat

A restorative day of yoga and sound healing. Brought to you by Morven from Yoga by Nature, and a little bit of me.

An overview of the workshop

Renew, Reflect, Regroup

Move, meditate and be soothed by the healing sounds of singing bowls. This is a long awaited day where we can finally gather together on retreat – a day of rest and self-care.

I will be accompanying Morven meditative, musical magic with singing bowls, whilst she holds the space for a restorative session, and then will also lead a sound meditation towards the end of the day.

Sound healing is a profound and beautiful way to enter into the meditative state. Cocooned in the vibration of the singing bowls, you can reach deeper states of consciousness and open to healing on a body and soul level. 

The theme of Morven’s Yoga Day this year is “Homecoming”. A whole day of yoga and meditation to help you to come back to yourself. 

There is so much for all of us to process in this hugely complex time in which we live. A retreat day is an opportunity for you to let go of all the bundles that you carry around with you and take time to heal and rest so you can be stronger when you go back out into the world. In the yoga space, there are no to-do lists, no roles to fulfil, no responsibilities and no news. It is a space designated for being and becoming. Being is a state that is in opposition to doing.

The day start with two hours of dynamic flow yoga practice to bring us fully into the body. There will be time for meditation, intention setting and personal reflection.

After lunch, there will be Yoga Nidra – a long, relaxing, guided practice which takes you into a trance-like state of deep but alert relaxation (or you might just fall asleep!).

Following Yoga Nidra, there will be a long relaxing restorative yoga practice with sound healing. The postures will be slow, supported with bolsters and blankets and designed for deep physical and emotional release. We will explore the body in relationship to breath and gravity, remove all remaining blocks to relaxation and journey into deep deep rest.

This day, held in cosy Victory Hall in Uphill, is a celebration of who you are, with practices that support a transformation towards conscious, joyful living in an uncertain world. No matter how stuck we think we are, there is always the possibility for transformation. This day is not a day for resolutions but for a revolution – a transformation into wholeness.

There will be afternoon refreshments – Pukka teas and delicious organic treats.

Workshop Date: 29th Aug 2021

Location: Victory Hall, Uphill, WSM BS23 4XN


Single ticket £40/ Bring a friend for £50

Booking will take you to

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