Update June 2021


Good news! My evening classes are pretty full, and I think it’s time that I added some more classes to the timetable. 

I’m looking to trial run the following classes:


Energise Yoga 9:45-10:00am – Sacred Space Yoga


Zumba 9:00-10:00am – Bleadon

Pilates Fusion 10:15-11:15am – Bleadon

Pilates Fusion 1:00-2:00pm – JOY Yoga Studio

Before I secure the venues, I need a rough idea of numbers, If you have a minute, I’d be super grateful if you would complete the preference poll.


Pregnancy Yoga and Wellness Workshops

I’ll be running a series of prenatal workshops with Luiza, a doula from Somerset. In this workshop, we will be providing mothers with tools to support their pregnancy. 

The workshop is not only for the mothers to be, but also their partners and will run for approx 2 hours.

The workshop includes:

  • one hour prenatal yoga class, 
  • tea and nibbles, 
  • meditation and breathing techniques,
  • information on the rights of an expectant mother, 
  • breast feeding support,
  • how a doula can support mothers and their partners during pregnancy, labour and postnatally.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from this workshop, please let them know and they can subscribe to my updates or message me directly. 

Head over to Luiza’s instagram to find out more about her.

Essential Oils Yoga

90 minutes of PURE bliss and some of your own doTERRA Essential Oils to take home with you. 

Self care smells as good as it looks!

18th July 10am


Sound Healing Workshop

Hands on sound healing, learn how to create sound with singing bowls, steel tongue drum and other sound healing instruments. 

You’ll also learn about sound and its effect on the physical and emotional body and how we can incorporate sound more in our lives, both on and off our mats.

25th July 10am


And one last thing, I’m training in massage therapy woohooo! So get ready to be even more pampered soon!

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