Music Therapy Study

Namaste yogis,

Mercury in Retrograde is OFFICIALLY OVER! Cue the applause and celebratory dances! Well done for making it through some really tough stuff recently, give your self a hug!

Now that things are starting to warm up, and we are edging closer to spring time, I hope that there is more of a spring in your step too and that you’re feeling calmer and more inspired.

Speaking of inspiration and getting things going…

I’m going to be running a series of studies to collect data for my degree. This research will be looking at the effects of music and meditation, and how it can support our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We all know how good we feel after a good nights sleep and how important sleep is for our health. I am currently running a 14 day study which will be looking at the effects of music and meditations on sleep quality.

If you feel you might be able to help by listening to some tracks as you sleep, and filling out some surveys along the way, please click here.

In the mean time, I’ve still got a few pairs of earrings left and new yoga mats are to be uploaded onto the site this week. Head to my SHOP HERE.

Thanks all, can’t wait to see you and give you hugs!

Tilly x x x

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