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Mercury in Retrograde January 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde - Susan Miller  Astrology Zone

January 24th 2021

Hi all and Happy New Year! Let’s give you an update on what’s around the corner (that we can rely on) and share some positivity in these still very uncertain times.

Firstly, how are you? How was your Chirstmas in 2020 and what’s been keeping you busy? I love hearing about all the new hobbies that some of you have picked up, some of you are back at work (some are happier than others about this) and some of you might still be wondering wtf to do with all this time in the house.

Rest assured, whatever you’re feeling you’re not alone. We are in the same storm, different boats. Another thing that many of you might be noticing is…DUN DUN DUUUUUN… communication malfunctions, stumbling words, poor technology, confusion…?

Yep, you guessed it! Mercury in Retrograde is dawning on us – can you feel it?

Arriving on the 30th of January, MIR will be sticking around until the 20th of February.

Now, I hear some gasps and some “oh for f**k sake, not again!” but also some “ooooh this makes sense”, and “Ahhhhh I’m glad I’m prepped”.

MIR gets a pretty bad rep and, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve experienced some major issues during this transition before but each one has taught me valuable lessons. I’d like to share with you some tips on how to use MIR to your advantage and hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing through the some what ‘s**t storm’.

  1. Remember that you are in control.
  2. Watch your words.
  3. Challenging conversations.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Allow for extra time.

If you start to blame MIR for troubles and mishaps or preempt them, it’s likely that they’ll keep rolling (crashing and tumbling) in. YOU are accountable and in control of everything you do.

Now is not the time to divulge in gossip and hearsay. Watching your words and thinking before you speak is important irrespective of MIR. Communication can get a little hazy around this transition so be clear, thorough and kind – in your thoughts, words and actions. This includes the way you speak to yourself too.

In a world where we text and email more than have face to face conversations, zoom is our best bet at the moment. If you need to have some difficult conversations with someone, do it face to face. Texts, emails and dm’s are not the way to have meaningful discussions. Take some time to arrange a proper call where you can see the other persons face and they can see you. No matter how well you may put something in writing, if the recipient isn’t in the same or right frame of mind, then they are open to interpret what you say in their way. Save your self the agro and ensure clear communication.

I know what you might be thinking. Is it something along the lines of: ‘how long do we have to go on waiting for the world to pick back up again?’. Well, I feel you! But my dear yogi, please remember that while the world doesn’t seem super settled, you ARE and you are safe. Take time to ground your self and be present in YOUR world. When things start to feel all muddled, you getting angry and frustrated wont help, during MIR we need a little more resilience, patience and empathy.

Obviously many of us aren’t travelling currently but that’s not only what we have to allow extra time for. Are you working on a project at the moment? Are you writing assignments with deadlines? ALLOW EXTRA TIME. Be mindful not to start an assignment the night before it’s due and enjoy the project you are working on. Working on a project just to complete it is way less fun than enjoying the time that you spend on it.

So with all of this said, all the five key points are to be used simultaneously if this transition is to be as smooth sailing as possible. If you catch your self moving of piste, that’s OK, bring your self back 🙂 YOU GAT DIS!!!

With love and hugs,

Tilly x x x

P.S. To make MIR even more tolerable, why not treat your self to some of my home made earrings (winky face). – Available from the 1st February.

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