Mercury in Retrograde is Here

19th June 2020

OK, Yogis!

I’ve been sprinkling some facts about Mercury in Retrograde over the past week, and giving you some tips on how it might affect us what we can do through this time.

In a nutshell, Mercury, the ruling planet of communication and technology, appears to be moving in an opposite direction to Earth – backwards. Now, whenever many of us hear about MIR, we clench our cheeks and wince at the thought of the world going rogue…aint nobody got time for that!!!

According to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at, “This retrograde will not be as intense as usual”… but to be honest, from what we all witnessed in the live Gold and Silver Members class last night, that is utter b******s.

Despite its bad rep regarding: malfunctioning technology, fumbling words, difficulty in communicating, indecisiveness and travel complications (though that shouldn’t affect too many of us as we are still making the most of our quarantinies), this can actually be a great time for real transformation.

Really, hear me out here.

My best advice during this time is to keep living! Many of us stop living, in fear that something bad will happen. We are constantly trying to fix things that, a lot of the time if we step back, will right themselves. Whilst you’re taking your space, have a look at your communication skills, starting with how you receive information. Are you thinking of what to say next or are you truly listening to the person speaking to you? Do you often speak before you think, or use “I think that…”.

Take a moment to slow down and listen to your heart, make a conscious effort to communicate with your heart and feelings, and not your thinkings. This communication doesn’t have to be out loud. It can be a journal entry, an inner heart voice in your meditation, your affirmations etc. Let it come from your heart, without judgment.

When communicating with your heart, you may come across some unhealed chapters. We are in a Cancer Moon cycle which means our reflections may be surrounded by our family and home situations. Maybe there are some matters that you feel are calling to your attention to resolve but also many others that you are feeling even more grateful for.

Take your time and ensure that you set aside some TLC for your self.

Think about it, the brightest stars only shine when the sky is dark and the space is clear. Take a deep breath, allow your inner process to do its thing and you’ll arrive at dawn more self aware and ready to follow your heart.

With Love,

Tilly x x x

With thanks to Kirsty Galagher’s Lunar Living and Refinery <3

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