Super Moon in Scorpio

3rd May 2020

Tips to prepare for the Super Moon on Thursday.

Aside from the CoronaCoaster of Emotions, many of us have been feeling somewhat ‘wobbly’ this week. Myself included.

Now, it could be the fact that some women are PMS’ing in line with the cycle of the moon (raise your hand, ladies, if this is you). It could be that you are in the firing line of such women (sorry mum and dad). It could be the extra strain to stay home and stay safe when all we want to do is explore.

On top of the above, the Super Moon in Scorpio is looming and it’s a biggie. Every year, May’s super moon packs a punch (Moon Omens, 2020) . We’re being asked to stand still for a moment to simply acknowledge the beating of our own heart. By Thursday we might feel our hearts racing a little and a surge of energy. Be aware and observe this shift, acknowledge and observe without judgement your emotions.

With the lead up to the Super Moon in Scorpio, think about what you might like to be amplified and and illuminated within you (Lonerwolf, 2020).

If you are able and open to do so, write a journal or maybe a poem with any words and thoughts that arise. Gather some objects that mean a lot to you and represent your desires and/or some obstacles that you wish to move past.

On Thursday, turn off your social media before the moon rises – this will help the full moon’s light to illuminate your intensions. With the support of your intentions and objects, you may be able to shed some light on what is going well in your life, and also what you might consider accepting and moving past.

This will give you a kick start to clearing out and cleaning the slate, in time for the New Moon (22nd May) to start afresh.

Loads of love my Yogis <3 x x x

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