Week 5?

29th April 2020

Is it really the 5th week?!

So this post is a little general thingy to say a big thank you and to also update on some new stuff!

For details on THE QUIZ – scroll to bottom of post <3

Well, whatever week it is, it’s been one heck of a journey! Some of us are even beginning to talk the ‘Lockdown Lingo‘ with experiencing a complete ‘CoronoCoaster’ of emotions – one day we are loving the lockdown and are feeling super content, and the other, well…we may be reaching for the ‘Furlough Merlot‘.

Whilst experiencing this range of major feels (and/or polishing off our wine glasses), I truly feel closer to many of you through this new way of teaching.

It is almost as if we have allowed one another into our lives that little bit more. Somehow, knowing that others are in their living room or garden, (or what not) doing and experiencing the same as everyone else in a vurtual class feels like a more intimate practice than being in the same room or studio. Does this make sense?

We have encountered two New Moons and a whopper of a Full Moon. In just five weeks, that a whole lot of emotion for us as emotional beings … AND in an Aries season too.

Anyhow, aside from the Elephant in the Zoom *cue the wind reliever poses for Mama Ferrari* and exhaling out of ANY ORIFICE, I’m really humbled (hOMbled) by your commitment to your practice of mindfulness and movement, and not just with me, but in general.

I have YWT Merchandise that is available to purchase via my Online Shop. 10% of sales go Directly to NHS Charities Together. So far, you have helped me raise just under £10 and although that doesn’t sound a lot, it’s has a higher value ot it than monetary.

I’ve also set up a new class called CardiYoga which is a mix of Cardiovascular Exercises and Yoga postures. Here’s the recording of this morning’s first ever class. Thank you to all who attended <3

To book any drop-in classes, head to the Book Now page.

Lastly, ZOOM Quiz Night will be on:

This Friday – 1st May 7:30 PM LET’S GET QUIZZY!!! Book Here

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