OmLine Pub Quiz Anyone?

Monday 13th April

Good Morning Yogis!

Wuh-waaaaaat?! HOW is it the 13th of April already?! I think we all deserve a MASSIVE pat on the back and vurtual hug for what we have achieved so far.

Is it me, or are we all a bit closer somehow? After all, many of us will connect whilst in a yoga studio but now we can communicate from our homes. It’s been such an OMazing journey so far and I am super grateful for the love and support that you have been sharing with one another.

To keep this vibe going, I thought I’d see if anyone fancies a Quiz Night? All of my subscribers together? It’ll be a lot but I think we could deffo make this work. Have a cheeky glass of wine or something whilst we do it to toast our OMazingness!

Let me know, in the comments below, if you’d be up for this. I’m thinking 5 rounds of 5 questions? This would be via ZOOM (I did it last night and it was a hoot!).

I hope you all are enjoying the release of the Full Moon (the build up was quite horrendous…).

Here’s a gratitude meditation for you lovely souls <3

Have a fantabulous week and Happy Easter!

Tilly x x x

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