A Huge Cloud of Hazey Chuckery and Cluster-Chuck Madness

Yep, that’s what this week has been like for many of us.

I’m going to attempt to shed some light on the CHit that we’ve been feeling this week. Likely stating the obvious but hopefully touching on some points that you may have not considered but resonate with.

I must add, if you see the words: Chuck, Chucking, Duck, Pluck, just go ahead and put a fatt-off ‘F‘ in replacement of the first one or two consonants.

Here goes…

Last week, The UK went into lock down, and because it was new, we decided to do what we could stay positive… and maybe numb it a bit (no shame – gin is also running low in my household too).

Many found themselves working at 500x the speed or slowed down their paces completely to enjoy some of the finer things in life…lunch time wine anyone?

For many who are able to still work, their daily tasks have been more than tripled due to picking up other colleagues work. On the other hand those who aren’t able to work have been left thinking ‘omg wtf…how so I do this? I need my routine!’

This week however, it’s a totally different ball game. Reason 1) there is no ball… and reason 2) there is no game. Reality has sunk right in and we’re being asked to stay put, though all we want to do is run away or fight. Our bodies are taking on a tremendous amount of strain (regardless of the consumption of chocolate, pasta, bread and [Seedlip] Gin).

This week, Aries has ruled the sun (ooooh ‘ere we go!!!) and this means that the sun has been pretty happy, pretty encouraging and darn right LUSH. This affects us in different ways because on one hand, we are feeling motivated to push through and get on top of things, be super brave and assertive, but on the other hand (you knew there was a BUT coming) Mercury has just moved out of Pisces.

Wait Tilly, you’re going too fast!!! Let me back track a little…

Throughout March, Mercury (ruler of communication) was in Pisces (hypersensitive to subtle changes in the atmosphere). We should have been more attuned to our emotions because these two bad boys are a CHUCKING good combo for us to ‘let loose and get that CHit out. Over March, the level of uncertainty of what was going on consumed us and we were obsessed with what was happening over the world, instead of checking in with numero Uno, ourselves. We have been so absorbed with making sure we are safe to be with loved ones or hiding ourselves away as an act of love to protect one another. THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!!!

No WONDER we are feeling a total CLUSTER-CHUCK-VOMCANO of emotion right now! One week is just a taster. Even if we are living with loved ones, we are afraid to cuddle or even to sit near one another. We desperately want to see other people, offer and receive love face to face, but our way of communicating love (or anything right now) has been flipped on its head. Absolute chuckery.

One thing that has remained the same is arguing. It’s easy to fight, to argue and to disagree because that doesn’t involve embracing one another. Coming out of an argument is more challenging because we’re less inclined to ‘hug it out’ after.

All of this BS is alien to us.

Regardless of the moon, the sun, the planets (and yeah…I do use these as an excuse when I’m mad but it’s usually cos I’m hungry or hormonal…or both…) we are being challenged in the way we communicate naturally. Even for introverts, this amount of isolation and lack of human contact is tormenting.

What you are feeling right now is REAL. Yes, you are not alone and that does help but it doesn’t stop you feeling the way that you do.

One of the most comforting but annoying things about this whole situation is that everyone is in the same boat right now. This is affecting each and every one of us. We are together – why does that not seem enough to ease the pressure? I tell you why, because we are in a situation that we can not control anything. We cannot run from it and we cannot fight it. We must wait and…do nothing.

But, we don’t have to do nothing. What we CAN do is:

  • Offer virtual hugs
  • Be honest to our selves and honour our feels
  • Write a journal
  • Send gratitude to at least one person or for one thing a day
  • Send (disinfected) postcards
  • Call our loved ones more often
  • Get out once a day – even if it’s just your patio or back garden.
  • Smile at your neighbour/s
  • Offer a helping hand where possible (obviously wear gloves)
  • Watch a funny movie (I highly reccomend ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ 1&2)
  • Do some Yoga
  • Have a massive cry when you need it
  • Drink water, eat fruit (might sound boring and the wine might be more attractive but these will help alongside that too).
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t be so hard on your self, simplify your expectations or To-Do List.
  • Blame the moon even if you don’t have a flying CHuck what it’s doing.

I hope this is enough for now…

I love you guys <3 Stay safe, stay home and remember, YOU ARE OM-AZING

Tilly x x x

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