March 31st 2020

Overwhelmed, anyone?

Ok, so everything is going really well. Better than anticipated.

At the same time, I’m not going to beat around the bush, I am struggling. I am so blessed and grateful that I am not alone in my major feels right now.

Many yoga teachers who have taken their classes online are also feeling the pressure. They too are dreaming of their daily duties to get content out to clients and the general public, instead of getting restful sleep. Many are finding their days swamped in the world of the internet, website maintenance, and video editing tools (or simply uploading the same file to YouTube as it fails to upload for the 10th time).

I knew I was about to take on a huge amount of work, boy it’s amazing and I do love it so very much.

I love that you guys love it. Knowing that the work is being put into the hands of those who benefit from it makes it even more rewarding. For your continued support, I thank you and can’t wait to hug you and give you essential oils and crystals!!!

Establishing a great set-up and then hitting a wall, a bouncy wall nevertheless, hurts both emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically. I don’t yet have a PA to run and upload my videos, reply to emails, resubmit peoples forms at the same time as record five hours worth of stuff a day that ends up corrupted so I have to make it up again (just a little word vomit rant).

SO, whilst I am creating content and getting into a routine, which we all are working towards, please refer to my website information as much as possible before emailing or messaging.

This means that I can spend less time at my computer and create the content that you guys deserve.

I can’t believe what we have all achieved in such a short space of time. What we are doing together is strengthening the community, and allowing us to be more empathetic and respectful of one another.

I love you all and thank you if you’re got this far in reading this!!! Oh, Lush ones <3

Tilly x x x

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