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Sound HealingCan Remote Sound Therapy Work?

23 March 2020

Good day to you all,

I hope your Monday is not too manic and that you are all able to get what needs to be done, done! Now, due to this shift, all of our schedules have been turned upside down. Some schedules completely obliterated and that’s only adding fuel to the fire.

It’s important to stay active, you don’t need me to tell you this. Some of you may have already considered meditation and sound healing. Some of you may already be practicing sound healing as part of your daily routine.

For my dissertation, I have been researching the effects of Vibrational sound on both the physical and energetic body. The way that I have planned my research is people based. DUN DUN DUN!!! Getting any primary research is nigh on IMPOSSIBLE now.

Upon speaking with my lecturers, adamant that I will stop my degree until everything returns to how it was (just last week) I had to stop my self spiralling into this hole of “UNI IS DOOMED. YOU’LL NEVER GET YOUR DEGREE NOW (ECHO ECHO ECHO ECHO)”.

As I’m doing everything online now anyway, why not try OM-LINE SOUND HEALING?

I am rounding up troops who are willing to participate in a remote sound healing experiment. The schedule is no way complete however it will go something like:


This could be weekly or daily…

If you are interested in this, it’s completely free. I just ask for you to set aside at least one hour of your week. Please submit your interest by emailing me.

Who knows, this could be as good for you as it could be for me!


Tilly xxx

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