Day 1 of Teaching OM-Line

Today I went live and here’s what happened.

This morning I put on a fresh pair of yoga pants, (I’ve been quarantining as much as possible – anyone else in the same clothes as yesterday?).

The camera was set up and became witness to a bit of dancing with the dogs and a whole lotta yoga!

That was the easy part, the rest of today has taken me on a journey of growth. 

It’s got me thinking… I can grow into a better teacher and share what I love to a wider audience but also, I am being pushed WAY out of my comfort zone.

I practice Yoga daily. I am comfortable with my practice BUT I have set myself a HUGE task in generating new content weekly. This means that I won’t be teaching the same class (or base each class on one thing) during the week.

Let’s backtrack.

Before COVID-19, I was teaching between 18-20 classes a week and 90% of these were based on the same subject e.g. restore and renew, full moon sequence, heart opening week etc. None of these classes were online.

HELLO world of Online Tuition! Hello creating 20 odd different classes to devise and record and publish a week!

To say it’s going to be easy is far from the truth, but with the support from you guys I can do it! We are already doing it.

I’m so grateful to all of the souls that are beside me and that includes the other teachers in the community. A huge shift in empathy has arisen and we are all seemingly becoming more aware of one another’s feelings which enable us to: 1) open up to receive 2) listen 3) support.

So, here’s to some hOOOOOOOOOOOMe time <3

Peace, Love and Light to all of you OMazing lsuh ones <3

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