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Wednesday 18th March, 2020

So, here I am at home – kind of self isolating in a way. Finding it hard to justify teaching with the risks involved, but the thought of not teaching breaks my heart (more than the bank).

How can anyone send out the information on what’s going on when they themselves don’t know what to say? Just send an email telling everyone that you can’t teach for this undecided time period. Easier said than done.

We are all being inundated with how to’s, advice, dos and don’ts, government statements …. Our prefrontal cortex is in over drive with problem solving, handling emotions, responding to advice left right and centre. Most of us are working out how to work from home, how to care for loved ones as well as our selves whilst doing our utmost to remain calm and collected.

I live at home with my family and animals, I am safe and surrounded with love and affection (and the family corona dance – I’ll share a video on this in due course). We are healthy and happy, but that doesn’t take away this cloud of doom that surrounds our world and my heart goes out to those who are greater effected by the outbreak.

My Italian relatives (in Italy) are positive and are sharing with us how they are getting on, advising us to remain at home and only leave the house for necessities. For me, teaching yoga is a necessity, both for my physical, mental and social wellbeing. The love that circulates in one room for one another is beyond anything I could ever explain. Hearing people breath in sync, seeing people release more and more after each breath and then seeing their smiles (and sometimes catching awkward eye contact in chaturanga dandasana!) are just some of the aspects that I am going to miss during this period of isolation. Yoga gives us a chance to escape and connect to our inner world, up close and personal. It takes a certain level of strength to be vulnerable and that strength is what keeps so many of us doing what we do and facing ourselves on our mats.

Whilst I am not teaching many of my classes, some of them are going ahead with numbers drastically cut. It’s a tricky one (teaching ANY class at the moment) and I don’t need to explain, because we are all in the same boat. We are all in this together and that is the humbling part. Just in a matter of 3 days, our lives have all changed. It’s important for us to stick together and support one another where we can. It’s beautiful to see communities getting stronger and morale building within them.

I have received OMazing support and understanding from everyone who comes to my classes and I am so grateful. Thank you, each and every one of you.

BUT, me got some cool news…innit!

I’ve got some OM-line classes coming soon, which I’ll be uploading onto my website.

I would love to see as many of you taking full advantage of the online sessions and sharing your experiences along the way – whether they be on or off your mat. #GetOMboard!

I am hopeful that we can remain open to receiving the love that we all have to share with one another.

P.s. Get yourselves some Quaratini’s and share the recipes please.

Love you guys,

Tilly x x x

Click here to go to the online classes page.

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  2. For those struggling to subscribe, please check your junk folder in emails for a ‘verify your email’ link x

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